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      Locker Rent as per detail given below w.e.f 01.10.2015

S. No. Locker Type Rent Lien amt Inform of FDR
1 Small Locker Rs.800.00 P.A + S.Tax Rs.10000.00
2 Medium Rs.1500.00 P.A. + S.Tax Rs.20000.00
3 Big Rs.3000.00 P.A. + S. Tax Rs.40000.00
4 Extra Large Rs.6000.00 P.A + S.Tax Rs.50000.00

Ten Visits per quarter are free. For extra visit Rs.50.00 per visit + s. Tax.

Further it is to inform you that that the lien amount be taken as Fixed Deposit from the locker holders. The staff members of this Bank is exempted from FDR of lien amount and half the rate locker rent be charged from staff members. No concession for staff members for penalties in respect of locker rent default.

      Penalties for Locker Rent in default

Locker Type Penalty charges per quarter or part thereof
Small Locker Rs. 50.00
Medium Rs. 100.00
Big Rs. 150.00
Extra Large Rs. 300.00